About Wild Feet

Recognise the picture ?

I did.

It was this childhood memory that led me to enter a cobbler's workshop one day... and eventually learn shoemaking !

I grew up in England reading ladybird stories, then moved to France where I began work.

I was lucky enough to learn from Maurice Arnoult, a fascinating traditional shoemaker in Paris.

He taught me that a shoe must be made to fit the foot. The foot must never be made to fit the shoe.

I then deepened my knowledge and technique on an adult education course in Shoe Design and Patternmaking.

Today, I base my design and workmanship on each individual foot's shape for a comfortable and customized fit.

In my workshop, in the center of France, I use ancient machinery along side modern methods.

My shoes are somewhere between bespoke and industrial footwear.

Each pair is personnalised and therefore unique.